Poor mans CF component directory refactoring

Well, this is a cheap trick, and we'll see how well it works when CFE starts using it's project nature more-- but if you use a java project for your CF project, you can select the "scan non java files" option when you rename component directories, which does a quick search and replace, at least.

won't work for components themselves, of course, which would be most useful.

This is just mildly useful, during heavy initial development (as a semi-automatic search/replace).

But it's still mildly useful.

Tweaking the Blog

I guess it's fitting to start off with how I've tweaked this blog so far.
I've used an opensource template from opensourcetemplates, and then made a couple of modifications to the blogCFC code to get it to run on my host.
I've got a couple of patch files, in case you want to use these styles or modify blog.cfc to not use setProfileString, and the matching get.
 I hope I can come back and edit this later.
 Crap. Looks like right now you'd have to copy the images for this style into the include folder.. might as well split it up, or abstract it a little, to probably misuse the term.
 Hrm. Not as good as the first try I lost, but might as well get it up there.

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