dicking around with hibernate

Hibernate is cool. There is a nice GUI, and UML editors, and all kinds of nice crap for it.

CF is cool too. I wanted to meld the two.

I hear CF9 will have nifty hibernate stuff. Sweet!

Until then, I came up with a bunch of prototype-ish code for doing all kinds of stuff. Generating HBM files from the DB, or CFCs from HBM files, or Java files from HBMs, or Java files from the DB...

I mean, I didn't come up with most of it-- there are, like I said, plenty of kick-ass tools available already. HibernateTools, for instance, is what I use to reverse-engineer the database into java or hbm files. DDLUtils I use for something too, I think. Etc., etc..

I merely make ways to use the stuff from within CF. (Probably not the prettiest code, although some people say it's readable, so, um, I hope they aren't just being nice.)

Anyways, I'm excited because it seems like I'm pretty close to annotated CFCs. Probably not an original concept, but anyways: using hibernate, I can add some metadata to a cfc, and then pop that sucker into a persisted state.

Pretty slick. Just add metadata for the table name, what you want to call the object, columns, etc.. It will even build your DB for you. Using hibernates built-in schema-export stuff, of course.

I think cf9 will be pretty kick-ass, if it does half the crap hibernate is capable of.

W00t out, y0

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