Reinstalling X11 on OS X 10.5

My HD died a while back, and I thought I was all set with the replacement from Apple, but turns out it didn't have my X11 stuphs.

Kept getting errors like:

Jun 30 18:02:02 den org.x.startx[17633]: Xquartz: Could not find a new enough LSFindApplicationForInfo() returned
Jun 30 18:02:02 den org.x.startx[17633]: = /Applications/Utilities/
Jun 30 18:02:02 den org.x.startx[17633]: Version = 2.1.5 (2158000), Expected Version >
2.3.0 or 2.1.6

I don't know where the hell my install disks are, so I thought I was hosed till I found 'em.


Turns out you can re-install, and even upgrade, the Apple X stuff using the creators site:


Changing network setting in OS X from the terminal

If you ssh into your OS X boxes, and are brave enough to be messing with the network (probably best to do networking work when you've got physical access, or a buddy who can it the power switch -- or a robot you can control remotely *WIN!*) you probably want to persist your changes, like an IP address settings and such, right?


Since editing conf files usually doesn't do much good on OS X (unless you've compiled the stuff yourself, and didn't use the nifty database-ish stuff OS X uses), you'll want to use the "networksetup" command.

Yup, that's it.

man networksetup

You'll need to be root to make changes, but with that command, you can set DHCP stuff, and whatnot.

So that's how you configure your OS X server network without a GUI.

Guess I should add some examples, but I'm too lazy right now. RTFM-page.

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